Some words from parents:

What can I say about Lynn. Well, let’s start with that she is a super lovely lady who really knows her stuff when it comes to Hypnobirthing! We first came across Lynn and the Wise Hippo birthing programme when I read an article in our local paper about the benefits of Hypnobirthing. It just made total sense to us and so I got in touch. I am really glad that we did! Lynn teaches the course in blocks of four X 2.5 hour sessions at her lovely studio at her home in Hertford Heath. There is a lovely, informal atmosphere and Lynn makes you feel very comfortable and at home. The courses are very informative, interesting and taught at a comfortable pace with a mixture of textbook learning, videos and practical hands-on – we particularly liked the massage sessions! This isn’t an ‘airy fairy’, hippy course either and we liked that. It’s practical, down to earth information that makes a lot of sense and is intended to work alongside medical advice – not against it. From my point of view, I went from being physically and mentally scared about childbirth to actually looking forward to it. They also made my husband feel far more enlightened and a part of the whole pregnancy stage. It was such a lovely thing to do together as a couple too. Unfortunately, due to medical complications, we didn’t get our Hypnobirthing delivery as I needed an emergency C section. However, I still found my birthing background very useful throughout the later stages of my pregnancy in keeping calm, feeling positive and looking forward to the birth. And once at the hospital, it allowed me to feel calm and in control throughout. My breathing techniques also calmed my unborn baby when he got distressed – the doctors couldn’t believe I’d done that through just my breathing and doing my affirmations! We can’t recommend Lynn enough and I’ll definitely be planning Hypnobirth for my next child – let’s hope I get one this time!

Kay Adam-Smith – Hertford


Ewelina is absolutely fantastic at what she does and my husband and I were fortunate enough to have her be part of our hypnobirthing experience. Being someone who is terrified of needles and hates hospitals it’s safe to say I wasn’t looking forward to giving birth, my husband was highly skeptical about hypnobirthing and by the end of he course both of our attitudes had completely changed! We absolutely had the right birth on the day and it was a truly positive experience which we would both happily go through all over again!

Mona Foroughi-Clarke – Welwyn Garden City


My husband and I attended the course with Ewelina in April 2017 – Ewelina is such a genuine, passionate, big-hearted person and has since become a friend. Her methods of delivery and the open positive atmosphere that she created for discussion and sharing were absolutely fantastic. The information I learnt from the course was invaluable to both me and my husband – throughout pregnancy, at the hospital, and for bringing up our new baby. All fear, doubt, and negative thoughts were eliminated by Ewelina entirely. In particular, the physiological and biological aspects of the course are really informative, as well as plenty of practical tips and advice. The meditation elements will stay with me for my lifetime to aid with a relaxed and calm approach to any adversity faced. Ewelina is destined to help expectant parents. Cannot recommend this course highly enough!

Neema Trivedi-Bateman – Welwyn Garden City


My partner and I attended a course with Lynn in March/April 2016. The course was brilliant as was Lynn. She made us feel very welcome in her own home and best of all, relaxed.. We learnt things about the pregnancy and giving birth that neither of us had any idea about so it was very eye opening too! Lynn answered any questions we had and made the classes enjoyable. Unfortunately Evie was breach from about 28 weeks so I ended up having a c section but I still managed to listen to my Hypnobirthing music and practiced my breathing throughout so it was a calm and relaxed experience. I cannot recommend Lynn enough.. If/when we have another baby, I will definitely be going back to Lynn for a refreshers course! Xx

Sarah Woodward


We attended the course with Ewelina in July 2017. Ewelina created a relaxed and open environment in which we could learn and practice the techniques with complete focus. Ewelina is very knowledgeable in the subject of hypnobirthing and delivered the course material in an engaging and personalised way. Most importantly the course and practice with the mp3s provided set us up to be in the right frame of mind for a birthing experience that was right for us. I would highly recommend Ewelina’s course to anyone that was interested in hypnobirthing.

Laura Butchins – Hatfield


I’ve been meaning to share my story for a while now, but becoming a mum for the first time not only showed me how time seems to disappear into an abyss, but also that the first year goes in the blink of an eye. That is why I’m only just writing this review when my daughter is now 11 months old.

My brief background is that I’m a natural worrier and a major panicker about everything. Throw in a phobia of all things hospital, vomit, medical related you begin to get the picture of how I was feeling about impending labour. This was all amplified by the fact that my husband and I sadly had a very difficult and lengthy miscarriage at the beginning of 2015 and so when I found out I was pregnant again, I was terrified.

This was until I discovered Ewelina and the amazing world of Wise Hippo.
Ewelina came to our home and immediately put us at ease. I found myself so relaxed and at ease with her I was able to tell her my story and my fears. I remember her first question to my husband I were our thoughts on what we thought child birth was all about and I think we both wrote down words such as fear, drugs etc. How that was all to change!
When Ewelina heard our sad history and how at 30+ weeks we still hadn’t bought anything for the baby such as clothes or done any work on the nursery, she was compassionate, understanding and guiding on much more than just the birth. 
Through our coming sessions (which I was concerned my husband wouldn’t really engage with but I was wrong as he fully embraced every class and even fell asleep during one of Ewelina’s relaxation sessions!), we began to discover the world of surges and bearing down and instead of this very medical ‘One Born Every Minute’ world where things could go wrong; we were transported with Ewelina’s help to a world of positivity, relaxation, encouragement and the realisation that what was happening was going to happen and it was nothing to fear.
After our sessions had finished I kept up with listening to my affirmations (I was a full time working girl to which I will be returning shortly) so I would listen to my affirmations on my commute to and from work or snatch a few moments at the weekend – so it’s manageable for everyone’s day. Ewelina was constantly on hand as a gentle reassurance or if I had any questions.
When my labour did start (an hour after my due date had past!!) instead of running to the hills screaming like a wild banshee, I instead calming counted my surges, had a bath in the morning and went to the hospital. Now I won’t lie and said I did every technique perfectly but my daughter was born 100% naturally (not even gas and air or paracetamol) as a water birth in only 1 hour 45min from the start of bearing down, just as I had envisaged with Ewelina in my birth plan. Infact after she was born I wanted to do it all over again!Some people will say I was one of the lucky few, however I can’t but help feel our amazing birth story was down to the tools that Ewelina gave to us.
She is an amazing instructor of the Wise Hippo technique, and I hope that when and if we do decide to have another baby, she will be on that journey with us too.

Julia Scott-Budhabhai – Stevenage


Huge Thank you to Lynn!! it was really a lovely experience for us both, the whole thing from start to finish, you’ve really put my mind at rest that I’m going to be okay and have a confident birth!

You’re an amazing teacher and more first time mums should do your course of hypnobirthing can’t recommend it enough!

Hannah West


My husband and I did the Wise Hippo course with Ewelina just over a year ago in preparation for the birth of our 3rd child. Ewelina immediately put us at ease with her calming nature and the course greatly helped with anxieties I had following concerns regarding the size of our baby. 
I really enjoyed the classes and felt it helped me bond with the baby. I felt so relaxed after each session and enjoyed practising the techniques at home. Following the course, we went on to have a baby girl who was born in the pool in her waters after a fairly short, relaxed labour. 
I would (and often do) highly recommend the Wise Hippo course to any expectant parents, but particularly to do it with Ewelina who is, quite simply, a very lovely lady!

Charlotte Dalton – Tewin


Before I started this course, I was genuinely petrified about giving birth. By the end of it I was really looking forward to the event. Lynn was a fantastic teacher as well as a great source of support to me in the run-up to the birth of my baby. Her teaching style is warm and friendly but still professional and nothing is too much trouble for her. There are also often some yummy home-made cakes on offer!!

Kay Adam-Smith


Lynn is THE loveliest hypnobirthing teacher ever. Informative, calm and reassuring. My husband and I learnt and enjoyed the sessions immensely and still use the techniques we learnt to this day. During my c-section it kept me calm and in control and I was so thankful to Lynn. Any mums to be, get in touch as you will feel more in control and safe during your labor.

Celeste CarterBottom of Form


Attended Lynn’s Relaxtion and Birth Prep class last night .. she was so welcoming, easy to talk to and the class was really informative! Loved it! Xxx

Toni-Marie Usher


Lynn’s classes were amazing, she really helped me learn to relax and stay calm. My birth ended up with a c section due to medical issues but all techniques were used to help me stay calm during the procedure.

Terri Westrope


Ewelina Pisulska’s course in hypnobirthing provided my husband and I with all the information, preparation and energy and excitement to look forward to our birthing day with open hearts and minds. We were really inspired by the Wise Hippo birth affirmations and breathing techniques and despite our birth not following our birth plan due to complications, we were still able to have a natural, drug-free birth because of the training we received from our course. Ewelina was a well informed, attentive, caring and honest teacher. She answered many of our concerns and questions and was always very kind and respectful. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Don’t waste your money on NCT classes, save them for the course with Ewelina and you will have an excellent preparation and experience on the day of your birth. Calm and relaxed.

Tatiana Verdon – Welwyn Garden City


Haven’t actually had a birth experience with Ewelina but was privileged get to know her infectious force of positivity and unconditional love and devotion to what she does! It’s a big rarity these days… 
If we are blessed with another pregnancy I know where I’m going, without a single doubt!

Anya Lawrence