Welcome to BirthEasy

Pregant Couple with BirthEasyWe are 3 passionate teachers from Hertfordshire, dedicated to educating expecting mums and their birth partners about pregnancy and birth, their choices, and what to expect on the day. It’s a very practical approach and you’ll find there’s no other course like it. We believe that by giving new parents like you the right tools, you will both come away from birth feeling happy, empowered and safe in the knowledge that you were in control of your birthing journey, even if your birth plans had to change along the way

We teach using the Wise Hippo Birthing Programme materials and offer a variety of antenatal classes that cover Hypnobirthing, Relaxation and Birth Preparation. We explain the physiology of birth, look at your birthing environment, birth planning, the birth partner’s role, the most incredible breathing and relaxation techniques, and much more!

The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme is a complete 10 hour course. A workbook , 12 x mp3s and an extensive video library are provided as part of your course.

We have all used these techniques ourselves and with a wide range of birth experiences, we love spreading the word about Hypnobirthing so more and more parents can use the techniques and enjoy their pregnancy feeling excited about birth rather than fearful.

BirthEasy was founded in 2007 by Tamara Cianfini, and over the years the 4 of us have taught hundreds of couples how to achieve a positive birth experience. Our courses are not only a great place to focus on your pregnancy, but a great place to meet others too. You will love taking time away from everyday life to enjoy this very special time together, learning how to prepare for your birth with ease.